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Dalmatian Street comics are fan comics drawn by myself based off the Disney Plus Series, 101 Dalmatian Street; This series follows the decendents of Pongo and Perdi from the original 101 Dalmatians film, the show focuses mainly on the two oldest siblings Dylan and Dolly, who try to take care of the pups and the house while their parents (Delilah & Doug) are at work. (For more infomation on the series, Click Here!)
Unfortunetly the series only got 26 seasons before being cancelled in 2020, aparently it wasn't advertised much during it's airings on british televison (Which I wouldn't have known about since I don't own a Television.).
Dalmatian Street was the first series that got me into drawing again, after struggling with figuring out how to draw characters. The Dalmatian Street characters were easy to draw because of their simple designs and fewer colours.
Since then I have learned to draw characters of my own. my first atempt was Larry-10 which i have tried to publish a comic strip about him, but many political events and changes of prime minister has put me off from drawing more storys about him.
Since then i have decided to continue drawing more Dalmatian Street to pass my freetime at College, and stick a new comic or new artwork on the pin board at the 3rd floor break room while no one is watching from 2021 to 2023.(yes that was me ;-)

Anyways anyhow, enjoy these wonderful peices of history dating back to 2021. {New postings may be sparadic.}

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Published: 10/08/2023

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Published: 19/10/2023


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