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Welcome to the Official Website of Ha'penny Comics, one of the best sources of plain image entertainment. (Basically Doodles that make you laugh.)
Choose from a variety of choices such as our main WebComic 'Comix Papers' or our other smaller newspaper style comic strips such as:

  • Dalmatian Street, based on the TV-Series on Disney+ that's based on the Movie that's based on the book by Dodie Smith.
  • Comix Papers, A story about the misadventures of a small newspaper company and its Editor's quest to create a Webcomic.
  • Larry-10, Tales from Downing Street from a cat's saterical point of view. (WARNING: May contain Politicians, Politics, and Nuts.)
  • Bus Stop, Join Kris & Sarah in their epic adventure of waiting for a Bus, in Hemel Hempstead.

Ha' Penny Comics (Pronounced 'Hay Penny Comics), also known as Halfpenny Comics has been around since 2021, but officially began publishing in 2023.
The name comes from the old British Decimal coin the Half Penny, which was half the value of a 1p coin.


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